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CARING OUTREACHis a charity working for the non-political, poor,
It’s establishment since 1976, based on meeting the physical, practical, social needs of humanity, the less privileged and the destitute ones in the community. We are Community Developments and Safety Int’l Charity.
The objectives are relief of the needs, the hardship, the sick and the distressed, having partners in over 50 countries, working in 9 countries with local people, government, groups, churches, mosques, companies, clubs and different agencies, in making lives bearable for the poor and individuals, working together is the only key to lasting change in the world local communities. We need you to volunteer your time to help

As an equal opportunities organization, no one is excluded for participating or benefiting from our service on grounds of race, sex, color, disability, age, maritalstatus, faith and religion.Our project goes to poor children, the disabled, drug addicts, HIV/Aids, the elderly, ex-offenders, refugees, singles and the lonely.  Our services are education for children and adult, medical treatment, agriculture, rehabilitation, Housing, Advice,
Representations, establishing the poor to stand on their own feet, and digging wells. To continue this excellent work, volunteers are needed who can spend 1- 9 to 18 months, less or more in Africa/Asia.  Training, air flight, and accommodation will be provided. You must be hardworking, loving and caring which would be of great opportunity for you. Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Secretary, carpenters, drivers etc. are needed.DON’T ONLY PITY POOR COUNTRIES, BUT PUT YOUR PITY INTO ACTION BY BECOMING VOLUNTEERS HERE AND IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD.You will help raise money for your overseas work.

“With that I have gone through in life, caring for five children in overcrowded conditions, regularly beaten by my husband, then depressed and twice tried to kill myself. My life was saved by Caring outreach, this happened to me in London.  Thousands are dying in Africa, decades of war, tragedy of farming, disease, starvation, one child dies every few hours.  I greatly need your help as an English lady for this project. No gift, donation is too small. £2 a month will help sponsor a child in Africa. Also tractors, vehicles, medical equipment, computers etc are needed. Send your gift to our address as below or call us to donate or on line. Thanks” – SharonGraham


Dr.Gabrielwent  to Africa in 1996 from London to start project with theCaring outreach in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo,Cotonou and had the opportunity to encourage our project in Ethiopia, Rwanda/Uganda, Kenya and south India. We concentrate on , education, farming, digging wells to provide clean water, providing medical care, fighting HIV/Aids and drugs. In Nigeria, caring Outreach was the first charity that rehabilitates area boys/girls, drug addicts, out of street, drugs and crimes which they  embarked on because of poverty.  It started in west Africa’s largest city, Ibadan and they were trained as drivers, barbers etc.  Gabriel spent a short time in each country executing projects, many lives were saved.  Please be a volunteer and donor to thisgood cause for humanity sake. Please act now. Thanks

Part of the orphanage

Part of our workers in Africa.

Part of our project

Our medical eye expert at Pittalavemavaram village in south India, testing their eyes, giving them medicine, glasses and treating children



Please donate by transfer,deposit or set up standing order to help this charity project.

Our Account details
Caring Outreach Internatiional Charity.
Lloyds Bank
Account Number: 01235148
SortCode: 30-92-93
IBAN: GB14 LOYD 309293012351 48